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Step 2: Confirm Shipments

In Step 2: Confirm Shipments, we'll review how Amazon splits our products between warehouses and confirm the shipments.

After clicking Confirm & Send Request in Step 1, Boxem will send Amazon the details of the products in your shipment. Your Inbound Placement setting in Seller Central determines the warehouse destinations of the products.

If Amazon routes your products to multiple warehouses, they will be split into separate shipments. A message will appear at the top of the page if this happens.

You have the choice to confirm or decline the shipments individually or in bulk. It's important to be aware that Amazon may charge you inbound defect fees for declining shipments, which can impact your costs. For information on these fees, please refer to Amazon's article linked here: Inbound defect fees

To confirm all the shipments in bulk and quickly move on to the next step, click Confirm all shipments.

You'll be asked to confirm this action. If you're ready to proceed with all of the shipments, click Confirm all Shipments.

If you don't want to move forward with any of the shipments, click Decline all shipments.

You'll be reminded that Amazon may charge you inbound defect fees for declining shipments. Click Decline all Shipments to proceed.

When reviewing individual shipments, the following details are displayed for each:

  • Shipment name
  • Shipment ID
  • Preparation
  • Destination
  • Products within shipment

Click Confirm Shipment or Decline for each one.

As you make decisions for individual shipments, the confirm and decline buttons at the top of the page will update to provide the option to take bulk actions on the remaining shipments.

Once you've made a decision fo each shipment, click Continue to proceed to Step 3: Prep & Boxem.