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How to Tell if a Product is Hazmat (Dangerous Goods)

To ship most hazmat products (dangerous goods) to a fulfillment center, Amazon requires you to enroll in their FBA dangerous goods program.

Amazon's FBA dangerous goods program has rules and safety measures for products that could be harmful if mishandled. These include chemicals, batteries, and other materials that could be hazardous if they leak or break. By ensuring these products are packaged safely and shipped in a manner that minimizes the risk of accidents during delivery, the FBA dangerous goods program plays a vital role in maintaining safety standards.

For details on this program or to apply, check out Amazon's article covering it here: FBA dangerous goods program

You can check if Amazon considers a product hazmat by checking the ASIN in Seller Central.

Navigate to Amazon's article covering the FBA dangerous goods program and scroll to the Manage Dangerous Good Classification section.

Click Look up an ASIN
, then click Next.

Look up and ASIN

Enter the ASIN and click Check status.

Check status

If the product is not considered a dangerous good, you'll see a message similar to the following:

If the product is a dangerous good, information like what is captured below will be displayed:

Sometimes, Amazon allows dangerous goods to be shipped FBA even when you are not enrolled in the FBA dangerous goods program. In this case, you'll see the message below:

If Amazon is reviewing the product to determine whether it is a dangerous good, you'll see a similar message to what's pictured below. If you'd like, you can follow the steps to provide the information Amazon needs to help speed up the review process.

Once they determine its hazmat status, the product will be eligible to be shipped FBA.