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Auto-Fill List Price

Using Boxem's Auto Pricing feature to set your list prices can help you save time, stay competitive, maximize profits, and reduce human error, making it a valuable tool for selling on Amazon.

You can manage the Auto Pricing feature while creating a new shipment or from your Boxem settings.

When creating a shipment, you have control over your pricing in the Auto Pricing area. Click the toggle to enable the auto-fill feature and take charge of your pricing strategy.

Auto Pricing

You can choose to match the list price with the following:

  • Buy Box
  • Highest FBA offer
  • Lowest FBA offer

After selecting, choose to either Increase or Decrease the price, then enter a percentage.

As you add products to the shipment, a message under the List price explains how it was calculated based on your auto-fill settings.

To manage the Auto Pricing feature from your Settings, click the account name on the left menu.

Select Settings.

Then select Details from the menu.

Then, scroll to the Pricing section.

Any changes made here will be applied to your list prices as you add products to shipments.