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How to Change Your Barcode Preference

Within your settings in Seller Central, there are two barcode options: Manufacturer barcodes or Amazon barcodes.

The Manufacturer's barcode (UPC) is the original barcode on a product. When eligible, Amazon can use this barcode to track products in its system.

For details on product eligibility and how this works, check out this article: Using manufacturer barcodes with FBA virtual tracking

The Amazon barcode (FNSKU) is a unique barcode assigned by Amazon when you create a listing for your product. FNSKUs are specific to your seller account, so you are responsible for printing and applying these barcodes to your products before shipping them to Amazon.

Alternatively, Amazon can print and apply FNSKU labels for you for a per-unit fee if you sign up for their FBA Label Service.

For more information, take a look at Amazon's guidelines: Use Amazon barcodes to track inventory

For all new seller accounts, the barcode preference is set to the Manufacturer's barcode by default. However, if you prefer to label your products, you can change this setting in Seller Central.

1. Login to Seller Central.

2. In the Settings drop-down menu, click Fulfillment by Amazon.

3. Locate the FBA Product Barcode Preference section and click Edit.

4. Select Amazon barcode and click Update to save the change.