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The Inventory page is your go-to for keeping tabs on your products. Here, you'll find insights into your in-stock quantities, buy costs, sales values, and total number of ASINs.

To navigate to this page, click Inventory from the left menu.

At the top, you'll see your Total Amount of SKUs broken down by what's currently in stock and what's out of stock.

You'll also see the In-stock quantity, In-stock sales value, and In-stock buy cost. Each of these is broken down by fulfillment type: FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).

Looking for a specific product in your inventory? The search bar allows you to locate products by name, SKU, or ASIN.

Search bar

The following information is shown for each product in your inventory:

  • Image
  • SKU
  • Condition
  • Fulfillment Channel
  • Product Name (Linked to Amazon product page)
  • ASIN
  • List Price
  • Qty in stock
  • Avg. Buy cost

The List Price, Qty in stock, and Avg. Buy cost columns are sortable by clicking the arrows next to them.