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Case Packs

A case-pack is a group of the same product packaged together in a single box or container. For example, if you're selling phone chargers, a case-pack might contain 50 individual chargers. This packing type simplifies the shipping process by allowing you to ship multiple units of the same product to a single Amazon fulfillment center without extra placement fees.

When creating a new shipment, you have two options for the Packing Type: Individual or Case-packed.

With the Case-packed selection, you'll be asked to enter the Total qty and Qty per case for the products you add to the shipment.

Note: The Total qty must be divisible by the Qty per case.

When you move on to Step 2: Confirm shipments, Amazon will not divide the Qty per case between different shipment destinations since they are to be shipped together as a pack.

Amazon has specific guidelines for case-packs, so we recommend checking out this article if you're new to listing them: Case-packed