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How to Get Your BOL (Bill of Lading)

For LTL shipments, you must provide the carrier with a valid BOL (Bill of Lading). A BOL is typically generated on the morning of the pickup date for Amazon-partnered shipments.

Once you've accepted shipping charges for an LTL shipment in Step 4 Review & Ship, you can check if the BOL is available from Amazon. Click the Check for BOL button located at the top of the page to see if it's ready.

Check for BOL

If the BOL is available, it will be promptly saved to your computer's downloads folder. This ensures you have a copy of the BOL for your carrier and any future reference.

If you've moved on to work on other shipments, you can always reference your previous shipments from the Shipments Overview page. Once there, locate the shipment and click the BOL button next to the Type to check if it's ready.