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How to Void a Shipment

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel a shipment after accepting shipping in Boxem, you can do this without having to leave the app.

After accepting shipping charges in Step 4: Review and Ship, you'll see a Void Shipping labels option with a timer showing how much time you have left to void the charges.

The time Amazon allows to void charges depends on the shipping method: SPD or LTL.

  • 24 hours for SPD
  • 1 hour for LTL

To void the shipping charges, click Void Charges.

Void shipping labels

If you've moved on to work on other shipments, you can always reference your previous shipments from the Shipments Overview page.

Once there, locate the shipment. You can click Shipped to show only the shipments with shipping charges purchased and use the search bar to find it by name or ID.

Click View to be taken back to the Step 4: Review and Ship screen, where you can void the shipment.