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Freight Class

Freight class is a standardized system used to categorize different types of goods for shipping and plays a role in determining shipping costs for LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments. Understanding freight classes can help you estimate shipping expenses for your products and price them more effectively as an Amazon Seller.

Freight classes range from 50 to 500 and are based on a few factors, density being the most critical. Lower numbers mean lower shipping costs because these goods are typically denser and easier to handle, while higher numbers mean higher shipping costs due to goods likely being lighter, bulkier, or requiring special handling.

Products with higher density take up less space for the same weight than those with lower density. This means that generally, the denser your products are, the less expensive they are to ship.

So, how do you pick the correct freight class for your LTL shipment? Boxem has you covered!

When you reach Step 4: Review & Ship, you'll need to input your pallet and shipper information to estimate shipping charges.

The Freight Class field will automatically populate with the Boxem estimate class, a feature designed to simplify the process by selecting a class based on the density of your pallets.

If needed, you can select a different freight class by clicking the arrow and choosing one from the list.

Keep in mind that selecting the wrong freight class for a shipment may result in consequences, including additional shipping charges, delivery delays, or temporary suspensions from sending LTL shipments to Amazon.

For more information, check out Amazon's article linked here: Amazon Partner Carrier freight class