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Shipment Details

Setting up your shipment details from within your Boxem settings is a straightforward process that establishes standard settings for sending your products to Amazon's fulfillment centers. This process saves time because you don't have to manually make selections each time you create a new shipment with Boxem. You only need to make minor adjustments as needed.

Click the account name on the left menu.

Select Settings.

Then, select Details from the menu.


Select the default Fulfillment Type for your shipment.

Shipping & Origin

Choose your default Ship From address and Shipping Method: SPD or LTL, based on your typical shipment needs.

Packaging & Labeling

Choose the Packing type: Individual or Case-packed.

Select your Labeling Preference: Seller Labels or Amazon Labels. For more info on these options, check out this article: Labeling Preferences

Choose your Box Content Method: Boxem Provided, no box contents, or 2D Barcodes.

If you want to print FBA box labels as you prep and pack them, click the toggle to enable this feature. This option allows you to print Box Labels on Step 3 of the workflow instead of waiting until the end. More info can be found here: Printing FBA Box Labels as you Prep and Pack


Click the Auto-fill list price toggle if you'd like to configure a default list price that Boxem will fill in for you as you add products to a shipment.

For details on setting this up, check out this article: Auto-Fill List Price