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Shipments Manager

Manage FBA Shipments

Stay up to date with all your fBA shipments in one place!

In Progress Shipments

Track Your FBA Shipments.

Stay on top of hte FBA shipment process by seeing what % of units have been recieved by amazon.

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Closed Shipments

Entire FBA Shipment History.

Within Closed Shipments see all your past fBA shipment history, including external and cancelled shipments.

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Boxem streamlines all operations so you can focus on what truly matters.

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Incomplete Shipments

Resume Incomplete Shipments

don’t miss a beat and pick up your incomplete shipment right where you left off.

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ASINData tailored for you Growth

Data Amazon Sellers Care About

Whether it is a lTL or SPD shipment, here is where you print your shipping labels and review your shipment!

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