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Box Content Options

Providing detailed box content information for every box you send to an Amazon fulfillment center is crucial. This is not just a requirement but a key step in ensuring your shipment is swiftly received and processed upon arrival at the center.

If box content is not provided, Amazon will charge a per-unit fee ($0.15/unit) for manual processing, which may delay your products' availability for sale. For more information on Amazon's box content requirements, check out their article here: Provide box content information

When creating a shipment in Boxem, you will select the box content method that suits your needs: Boxem Provided, No box contents, or 2D Barcodes. You can change the box content method for a shipment at any time before sending the request to Amazon, giving you full control over your shipments.

Boxem Provided

With the Boxem Provided option, you can conveniently enter the box content information for your boxes as part of the shipment creation workflow in Boxem. This means Amazon will receive the details they need for your boxes without you ever needing to leave the app, providing you with a seamless experience.

No box contents

If you do not provide box content information for your shipments, Amazon will assess a per-unit fee ($0.15/unit) to process your products manually. This could cause delays with your products being available to sell. For details on this fee, check out Amazon's article on this topic: FBA manual processing fee

2D Barcodes

With this option, Boxem will include 2D barcodes on your FBA box labels after you assign your products to boxes and enter the dimensions and weight. Upon arrival at an Amazon fulfillment center, the 2D barcodes will be scanned to identify the contents. For information on using 2D barcodes with Amazon, check the details in their article here: 2D barcodes for box content information

To use 2D barcodes, you'll first need to ensure the 2D barcode setting is enabled within your account in Seller Central. For steps to help with this, check out this article: How To Enable 2D Barcodes