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How to Enter Box Content & Pallet Information for LTL Shipments

When creating an LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipment in Boxem, you must use 2D barcodes to provide box content information. This method optimizes the process for speed and accuracy, making it the perfect option for larger shipments.

Boxem will incorporate 2D barcodes with your box content information on your FBA box labels. Once you apply these labels to your boxes, you're all set! When your shipment reaches the fulfillment center, Amazon will scan the barcodes, instantly identifying each box's contents.

After completing your box content in Step 3: Prep & Boxem, you'll enter your pallet information and estimate shipping charges in Step 4: Review & Ship.

Step 3: Prep & Boxem

Before getting started, check to ensure the 2D barcode setting is enabled within your account in Seller Central. For steps to help with this, check out this article: How To Enable 2D Barcodes

In addition to applying FBA box labels, every pallet you send requires a pallet label on each of its four sides. For more information, check out Amazon's requirements linked here: Shipping label requirements

You can print pallet labels now or during the next step. To print them now, click Print Pallet Labels button at the top of the page.

Enter the number of pallets you want to ship and click Print Labels.

You can adjust your print settings by clicking the Printer Settings button if needed.

Now, it's time to assign the products in the shipment to boxes. A list of the products is on the left side of the page. As you create boxes and assign the products to them, they will be displayed on the right.

For a comprehensive walkthrough, check out this article: 2D Barcodes

After completing the box content information, you'll move on to Step 4: Review & Ship to enter the pallet and shipper information before estimating shipping charges.

Step 4: Review & Ship

The boxes in the shipment will be displayed on the left side of the page. On the right side, you'll enter the pallet and shipper information.

At the top right, you can click the Print Pallet Labels button to print pallet labels if you did not print them during the previous step.

Pallets in the US marketplace must be 40 inches by 48 inches in length and width, so this is automatically filled in for you in the Pallets section.

Enter the height of your pallet, which must be under 60 inches, and the weight, which must be under 1500 lbs.

If your pallets are stackable, click the Stackable checkbox. If they contain oversized products, click the Oversized checkbox.

Enter the number of pallets you have with these measurements, then click Add Pallet +.

A list of the pallets will be displayed with their dimensions, weight, and stackable status.

To delete a pallet, click the x next to it.

Once you've finished adding your pallets, click the plus sign (+) next to the Shipper Information section to expand it.

Enter the Contact details of the person responsible for the shipment.

Select the Freight Class for the shipment. Boxem will estimate this for you based on the information you've entered for our pallets, but you can click the arrow in this field to make a different selection if necessary.

Enter the Declared Value (optional) and choose when the shipment will be ready for pickup in the Freight Ready Date field.

Once done, click Submit and get shipping charges.

Review the Estimated shipping charge. To proceed with the charges, click Accept Shipping Charges.

In the Shipping Details and Shipment Contents sections, you can review the ship from and ship to address, the totals of what's in the shipment, and print your shipping labels.

Click Print FBA Box Labels. You're ready to finish applying your labels and preparing the shipment for pickup!

You'll see a timer showing the remaining time you have to void the shipment charges. You can void the charges within 1 hour of accepting them if needed by clicking Void shipping labels.

For LTL shipments, you must provide the carrier with a valid BOL (Bill of Lading). For Amazon-partnered shipments, these are typically generated on the morning of the pickup date, but you can check to see if they're ready and download them from within Boxem.

For more information, check out this article: How to Get Your BOL (Bill of Lading)