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Step 1: Choose Products

In Step 1: Choose Products, we'll add the products we're ready to sell on Amazon to a new shipment.

Use the search bar to pull up the products you want to ship. You can search by product name, SKU, or ASIN.

Next to the search bar, you can select your search parameters to include All products or narrow them down to search only Active products in your inventory or products in the Amazon catalog.

A list of results will appear when you begin typing in the search bar. The first ten results will be displayed. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see the total number of results and navigate to view different results pages.

If you've never sold the product, you'll see each product's Image, Title, ASIN, Category, and Sales rank in the search results. Clicking the title will open a new tab with the product page on Amazon.

To add a product to your shipment, click the + New SKU button.

If you've sold the product before, you'll see the SKU, Condition, and the number of units you currently have in stock.

If you've used multiple SKUs for the product, click More SKUs to reveal the additional SKUs.

To add the product to your shipment using a new SKU, click the + New SKU button.

To add the product to your shipment using an existing SKU, click the Plus button next to the SKU.

A side panel will open, where you'll enter the details for your listing on the Add product tab.

The Offers tab shows all the current FBA and FBM offers and their conditions. If an offer has the Buy Box or Amazon owns the listing, an icon will appear next to it. You can click Set this price to use an offer as your list price.

The Details tab displays the following information for the product:

  • Product Image
  • Product Title (Linked to Amazon product page)
  • Quantity In Stock
  • Sales Rank
  • ASIN
  • Category
  • Existing SKU(s) and Condition(s) for the product in your inventory

On the Add product tab, enter your List Price or click in the field to choose one from the current Amazon offers for the product.

If you have set up an auto-fill configuration for your list price, it will be filled in automatically.

If you selected the option to enter buy cost metadata when creating your shipment, enter this information into the Buy cost field.

Enter the quantity of units you want to ship to Amazon.

If you selected the options to enter supplier or date purchased metadata when creating your shipment, enter this information into the Supplier and Date purchased fields.

Select the Condition of your item. You can enter Condition Notes for any option other than New.

If the product is new to your inventory, a new SKU will be generated based on your SKU option selection.

If the product is already in your inventory, the SKU used to list it previously will be used.

If the product requires an expiration date, select a date in the Expiration date field. If you're not sure if your product requires one, please refer to Amazon's guidelines on expiration-dated products linked here: Expiration dates on FBA products

After entering all the details for the listing, click + Add product.

You'll see the product appear in the Products within the shipment list, which displays the Total units and SKUs in the shipment. You can adjust the quantity of units for products in the shipment as needed.

Clicking the three vertical ellipses next to a product will open a menu where you can select to Print FNSKU labels, Edit or Delete it from your shipment.

If you need to update the details for the shipment(s) before confirming and creating them, click Shipment details at the top of the page.

A side panel will appear where you can review and update the following details:

If you make any changes, click Update Shipment to save them.

After you've added all your products to the shipment, click Continue to send Amazon the details of the products.

A widow will open with information on the next step. Amazon will determine the product warehouse destinations based on your Inbound Placement setting in Seller Central. If you need to make any changes to the products in your shipment or edit your Inbound Placement setting, click Review & Edit to go back.

When you're ready to move forward, click Confirm & Send Request to proceed to Step 2: Confirm Shipments.