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Creating a New Shipment

Ready to ship your products to Amazon? Let's create a new shipment!

Note: You can set up defaults in your Shipment Details settings for even fewer clicks when creating new shipments.

From the left menu, click Create Shipment. On the next screen, you'll make selections for the shipment settings.

Create Shipment

In the Details section, enter a Shipment Name and choose the Fulfillment Type for your shipment: FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).

Note: FBM is not available currently, but it is coming soon!

Shipment & Origin

Under Shipment & Origin, choose or enter your Ship From address and Shipping Method: SPD (Small Parcel Delivery) or LTL (Larger Than Truckload).

To add a new Ship From Address, click Create new address and fill in the information.

Packaging & Labeling

In the Packaging & Labeling section, you can choose the packing type that suits your products: Individual or Case-packed.

Next, select your preferred Labeling Preference: Seller Labels or Amazon Labels. For information on the differences, check out this article: Labeling Preferences

Additionally, you can choose your Box Content Method: Boxem Provided, no box contents, or 2D Barcodes. For details on these different options, take a look at this article: Box Content Options

If you want to print FBA box labels as you prep and pack them, click the toggle to enable this feature. This option allows you to print Box Labels on Step 3 of the workflow instead of waiting until the end. More info can be found here: Printing FBA Box Labels as you Prep and Pack

Auto Pricing

Under Auto Pricing, you can click the toggle to configure a default list price that Boxem will fill in for you as you add products to a shipment. This feature can save you time and effort by automatically populating the list price for your products. Details can be found in this article: Auto-Fill List Price

Meta Data

Any selections you make in the Meta Data section will add fields for entering optional information as you add products to a shipment. You can select to enter Buy Cost, Supplier, and Date Purchased.

After making your selections, click + Create Shipment, and you'll be ready to start adding products to your shipment!